How to Spot Fake iPhone in Seven Ways 2023

how to spot fake iphone

Are you looking for check whether your iPhone is real or fake? now you reached a best article. Today in this article explains you how to spot fake iPhone in seven easy ways.

In today’s modern world the use of smartphone has become very high. Thus many smartphones are competing in today’s market. But the interest in the iPhone is not always low for people Is the iPhone real in that sense? Or how to find out if it is fake.

Do you have a question that how to check if iPhone is original or refurbished? Read this article and know about that.

How to Spot Fake iPhone 2023

iPhones are more expensive yet beautiful and stylish as well as a beast on the inside. Many people, including yourself are planning to bought iPhone on this year. If you want to own a new one be aware of iPhone. There are plenty of fake iPhone in market which look as same as newest iPhone. Lets see how to spot fake iPhone!


The iPhone runs an operating system known as iOS (formerly iPhone OS). It is a variant of the Darwin operating system core found in macOS. Also included is the “Core Animation” software component from Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. Together with the graphics hardware (and on the iPhone 3GS, OpenGL ES 2.0), it is responsible for the interface’s motion graphics. The iPhone comes with a set of bundled applications developed by Apple. Since the iPhone’s launch further features have been added, including larger screen sizes, shooting video, waterproofing, the ability to install third-party mobile apps through an app store, and many accessibility features.

The original iPhone contained the following apps: Messages (SMS and MMS messaging), Calendar, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Maps (Google Maps), Weather, Voice Memos, Notes, Clock, Calculator, Settings and iTunes (store). The App Store was introduced in iPhone OS 2 for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G. Compass was added in iPhone OS 3 for the iPhone 3GS. how to spot fake iphone 13 pro max.


Now we are going to know how to check if iphone is original using imei. If you have purchased an iPhone, without opening the iPhone box immediately, take the IMEI number in the box and register it at, it will tell you that it is the real iPhone.

Pentalobe Screws

Apple uses pentalobe screws to secure its Lightning port. The pentalobe security screw, or pentalobe screw drive, is a five-pointed tamper-resistant system Pentalobe screws, if the pentalobe screw is more than five-pointed or less on your iPhone, you can know that the phone is a fake.

Micro USB Port

Next, the microUSB port or USB-C port is the only option available for the iPhone. Other than that if you are in the mood to use Lightning cable, it is a fake iPhone. When we first use an iPhone, it tells us to use the Apple ID account. Other than that if it prompts you to look at Google or any other account it is a fake iPhone.

Apple App Store

Not only that, if the iPhone you bought had an Apple App Store when you went to the App Store, it would be a fake if you look at the real phone, the Google Play Store or any other third party app store.


how to spot fake iphone 12 pro max
how to spot fake iphone 12 pro max

Finally, press and hold the power button on the iPhone you are holding. If “Siri” appears then your iPhone is genuine. If you ask for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or any other voice help instead, you can confirm that it is fake.

Using Camera to Spot Fake iPhone

open camera of both phones and hold the capture button continuously for few seconds, the original iphone will capture continues photos and it will show Burst mode in your gallery. While the clone will not capture continuously.

Notice the Storage Capacity

The iPhone does not feature a microSD card slot as the internal memory is non-expandable. Fake iPhones usually have an expandable store. If the iPhone supports a microD card slot, it is fake! how to check iphone original or fake.

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Final Words

If you buy Apple accessories for third-party makers, don’t forget to check it is original or fake. We hope that this guide how to spot fake iphone 11 is useful to spot fake iPhone x. And we give an additional tip to you, i.e if you’re buying a Lightning cable for your iPhone, iPod or iPad, make sure it is MFi-certified. MFi certification stands for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad. To sell an MFi-certified accessory, makers of accessories have to go through a stringent process to get their products approved by Apple.

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