5 Tips to Increase Your Email Response Rate

5 Tips to Increase Your Email Response Rate

The main purpose of starting an email marketing campaign is to personally connect with a possible customer, entice them to take action, convince them that you are a professional business, and ensure that you focus on addressing their pain points. Sending emails and newsletters might sound boring and outdated to you, but it is still one of the most professional and effective ways to drive and retain customers.

If you cannot get enough email responses from your audience, you must be doing something wrong or missing major aspects of writing a modern email. In this guide, we have mentioned the five most interesting tips that can help you increase your email response rate and shoot your return on investments!

What is an Email Response Rate, and How can you improve It?

Email response rate is the number of responses your brand gets against the emails they have sent during email marketing campaigns. A higher response rate means you are doing well in email marketing and getting more subscribers or potential customers.

To find the response rate of your emails, you can divide the number of responses you receive by the number of emails that have reached the inbox of your intended audience. Multiply the result by 100 and you would get the response rate percentage.

You need to improve if your email response rate is less than 10%. The tips below can guide you and help you improve low ERR.

1. Write a Compelling Subject Line

If you want the recipient or subscriber to open your email, you need to start with a great opening line; by that, we mean the email’s subject. The subject is the make-or-break element, which would be responsible for you getting a low or high response rate. The subject line is the first content a subscriber would have with your email, so you need to draw them here from this point.

Gone are the days when generic subject lines were used to bring responses. Today, you must personalize every subject according to the subscriber’s interest. It should be interesting and sparky enough to be clicked. You must find the right balance between catchy and professional subjects depending on your target industry.

Note that with a witty subject, you can increase your open rate by more than 50%, and of course, it would also reflect an improvement in the response rate. You must add curiosity and urgency and keep it short to get the most clicks.

2. Get Your Timing Right

To increase your response rate, you must send emails so your intended audience can read and respond to them easily. For that, you need to know your target audience, their age bracket, their work-life routine, and other metrics. This would help you figure out the time of day when you would get the highest amounts of clicks.

According to expert email marketers, the best days for sending emails are Tuesdays and Thursdays. On weekends, people like to relax with their families or run errands for the upcoming week, so that you would get the least response on weekends. You must also avoid sending emails on Mondays as it is the start day of the week, and most people would be catching up with their work routine.

In addition to days, you also need to send them out at the right time. If your target audience is young people, you can share emails later in the evening. But if you are targeting older and professional people, you can start early in the morning!

3. Use the Simplest Language

A common mistake that most marketers make is that they try to use fancy and complicated words in their emails to make it look classy but in reality, these kinds of emails get the lowest responses. You need to ensure that your email content is written in simple language. Use the simplest words in short sentences, and try to keep your pitch to the point.

If you don’t know how to create short and crispy content, it is best to  Using the fluency mode of the paraphrase tool, you can easily restate your lengthy email drafts in the clearest possible way. The tool would eliminate wordiness and redundancy and ensure that the email text is written in the simplest possible words.

By creating understandable email content, you can connect with the audience and entice them to respond. You also need to make sure that your content is always free of all kinds of human errors to avoid pissing off the subscribers.

4. Use Paragraphs Instead of Bullets

Bullet points are useful in your emails when you have already built a relationship with the subscriber. If you send prospecting emails to expect responses and build your subscribers, you must use short passages to deliver content. Bullet points give the impression that you are trying to sell something you must invite while sharing your first emails.

Your real objective is to increase your response rate, which you can easily do by simplifying your content and making it easy to use. By using small sentences and delivering information in different passages, you can easily make the mail digestible for your audience and win their interest.

5. Always Ask for a Response or Add CTA

Finally, you must ask your target audience to respond to your messages. Many markets struggle with getting a high response rate because they don’t ask for it. It is best that you request the reader to give you a response.

Adding a CTA can also help you achieve your purpose if you want to get more conversions. The CTA is the most important part of your email, and you must optimize it to get high responses. For instance, if you share an email about your services or products, leave a live link to your store or website that they can click through.

One of the best practices while placing your CTA is to put it near an eye-catching visual in your email. Also, it is best to use enticing words such as “Learn More”, “Try for Free”, “Get Exclusive Deals”, etc.


Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways of helping your business get more leads, increase sales, and drive more revenue. But to get all these benefits, you must ensure your emails get opened and responded to. If you are getting a low response rate, then it means that you are taking the wrong approach. In this article, we have mentioned the five most important tips that would help you improve your response rate by more than 30%. So stop waiting and wasting your resources on writing boring emails and improve your ROI!


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